By lumping depression in with sadness

By lumping depression in with sadness, it cheapens something that not only claims a million lives worldwide each year, but is now the greatest killer of young men in the UK today. It dilutes an illness that is every bit as deadly and dangerous as any physical condition no matter what 20pc cuts to mental health services may suggest. When famous, successful people take their own lives, there are always those who say: a waste.

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Bring out the whip and flay them till their flesh hung off their bodies, now that is a punishment.[/p][/quote]Presumably you’d enjoy prison, then? It’s some sort of Disneyland by the sound of things. Off you pop.[/p][/quote]Maybe his point is that if British prisons were like Russian, Eastern European or even American prisons then people would be afraid of them and would not commit crime.Watch some documentaries about prisons around the world and you will realise that British prisons are like holiday camps.If I didn’t have a job, I would not mind spending a year in prison. Send a police van to a suspect location together with 2 police cars.

4b) or high tau/A1 42 (P=6.80 106; Fig. 4c) also predicted atrophy, as previous reported21,25. Lateral ventricular enlargement over time was similarly associated independently with high CSF ferritin (P=0.008; Fig. Everton should have Kevin Campbell back in the squad to face Spurs after recovering from a virus, but the chances of pairing him with Duncan Ferguson for the first time look slim. Ferguson has a hand injury following a break in at his home. Paul Gascoigne could be on the bench after a hernia operation..

A 22 year old woman was seriously injured during the incident, which took place during the early morning hours of April 15. Officers responded to the report of a disturbance in a bar in the Hwy. Upon arrival, they noticed several people had sustained injuries during a fight that began inside the bar, but spilled into the parking lot..

Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield were fatally shot at a shooting range southwest of Fort Worth, Texas, on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013. Former Marine Eddie Ray Routh, who came with them to the range, has been arrested for the murders. An interesting observation has been made in which XPC RAD23B displays decreased binding affinity for less helix distorting lesions but is still able to discriminate between damaged and undamaged DNA substrates as only the damaged duplex DNA undergoes repair 34. The very recent structural analysis of yeast XPC ortholog, Rad4/Rad23, with a CPD damaged DNA confirms and extends many of these findings 35. The structure reveals the insertion of a beta strand between the DNA strand of the duplex with concomitant out of the bases opposite the lesion.

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