What does that say about Tom’

What does that say about Tom’s Hardware?Your second link does show some iffy parts, but overall, they recommend the power supply and dismiss the transient load results as not important. Btw, you think a computer motherboard is going to fry because the 12v line varies 0.2v? 4.92 volts is bad? Those voltages can vary 10% on the 12v line and 5% on the others and meet Intel’s ATX spec. Welcome to the real world of imperfection..

The division between individual and structural explanations has been rightly criticized as overly simplistic (Neale, 1997). While structural explanations do not satisfactorily explain the large numbers of people with mental illness and addictions within the ranks of the homeless that research studies show, individual explanations, on the other hand, ignore the body of scholarship that suggests that there is a relationship between economic, societal conditions and homelessness (Koegal, Burnam, Baumohol, 1996). As a number of theorists point out, both perspectives are needed to understand contemporary homelessness.

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